Conspiracies FYI

The most current factual information on conspiracy theories that actually turned out to be true

 Nayirah's Testimony

The Public Relations Campaign that Helped Build U.S. Support for Intervening in the Persian Gulf War

  • The U.S. Government, under President George H. W. Bush, used a fake Congressional testimony as justification for supporting Kuwait in the Persian Gulf War.
  • The testimony was made to the U.S. Congress by a young girl identified by "Nurse Nayirah", the daughter of Kuwait's Ambassador to the U.S.
  • Nayirah testified that after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, she witnessed Iraqi soldiers pulling infants from their incubators at a hospital, taking the incubators, and leaving the babies to die.
  • A U.S. Representative, Tom Lantos, and U.S. public relations firm, Hill & Knowlton, orchestrated the fake Congressional testimony on behalf of their client—Kuwaiti-sponsored Citizens for a Free Kuwait.
  • Rep. Lantos also co-founded the committee that heard Nayirah's testimony, the Congressional Human Rights Caucus.
  • After Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, Citizens for a Free Kuwait donated money to foundations with ties to the Congressional Human Rights Caucus.


 The Iran Contra Affair

The U.S. Government's Arms Transaction with Iran in Exchange for Hostage Freedom

  • The U.S. Government sold arms, which were under embargo at the time, to Iran, in exchange for two hostages that had been taken by a hostile group in Lebanon which had ties to Iran.
  • Later, the U.S. Government used the profits from the sale to fund an anticommunist rebel group in Nicaragua, the Contras.
  • Although the Reagan administration denied involvement, after a Congressional investigation, some officials were charged for supporting the Contras.


 Project Azorian

The U.S. Government's Secret Recovery of a Sunken Soviet Submarine with Three Nuclear Missiles

  • The U.S. Government recovered portions of a sunken Soviet submarine called K-129, which carried three nuclear-armed ballistic missiles, each with a one-megaton nuclear warhead.
  • While the exact contents that were recovered are unknown, the recovery ship, called the Glomar Explorer, did haul some contents to Hawaii.


 The Gulf of Tonkin Incident

The U.S. Government's False Flag Operation to Justify the Vietnam War

  • The Gulf of Tonkin Incident involved two attacks on U.S. ships which the U.S. Government used as justification to intervening in Vietnam, starting the Vietnam War.
  • The National Security Agency (NSA) has since admitted that the second attack never happened.
  • It is estimated that millions of military and civilian lives were lost in the Vietnam War.


 Operation Northwoods

The U.S. Military's Plan to Commit Terror Attacks on U.S. Citizens to Create Support for a War with Cuba

  • The U.S. Military, in an effort to remove the communist leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro, created a plan to generate American support for a war with Cuba.
  • The plan, called Operation Northwoods, included the U.S. Government committing terror attacks on U.S. citizens and blaming them on Cuba.
  • The plan was approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but rejected by President John F. Kennedy, so it didn't go any further.



The U.S. Government's Human Research Program that Tested LSD on U.S. and Canadian Citizens without Consent for 20 Years

  • The CIA tested LSD, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, and torture on U.S. and Canadian citizens without their knowledge.
  • The program, MKUltra, lasted 20 years and led to at least one suicide, after a person unknowingly ingested LSD.
  • Over 30 universities, hospitals, prisons, and other institutions were paid by the CIA to participate in and keep quiet about the program.
  • The CIA destroyed all MKUltra documents and titleed to be unable to recall the details of the program.


 The Tuskegee Study

The U.S. Public Health Service's Program that Studied Black Men with Syphilis Without Informed Consent for Over 40 Years

  • To gain knowledge about the syphilis disease, the U.S. Government studied black men without their informed consent.
  • The men were told they would receive treatment, but did not receive adequate treatment for syphilis, even when Penicillin emerged as a viable treatment.
  • The study was only supposed to last for 6 months, but lasted for 40 years.
  • The study ended due to an Associated Press article, which led to public outrage, a government investigation, and a class-action lawsuit that the government settled out of court for $10 million and lifetime benefits for all participants.
  • President Bill Clinton formally apologized for this study on behalf of the U.S. Government in 1997.


 The Prohibition Poisoning

The U.S. Government's Alcohol Poisoning Policies Which Killed Over 10,000 People

  • The U.S. Government outlawing the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol during the Prohibition led to a battle between the government and alcohol bootleggers that ended in an estimated 10,000+ deaths.
  • Bootleggers would steal industrial alcohol (used for paint, fuel, etc.) and distill it to make the alcohol drinkable.
  • To prevent bootleggers from turning this industrial alcohol into drinkable alcohol, the government ordered for adding toxic, deadly chemicals (e.g. acetone, methyl alcohol, ether, gasoline) to industrial alcohol.